Healthy No-Bake Sweet Potato Brownies

I’ll keep this short. I made this brownies because:

# 1 I still don’t have my oven (still waiting for us to transfer to our new home).

#2 I have so much food intolerances that I have to make specific food for my dietary restrictions. I cannot afford to buy anything that will just make me regret it (by that I mean get sick). Plus, I LOVE homemade and healthy.

# 3 I love reinventing whole antioxidant rich foods into something we enjoy at home. The recipe is vegan, gluten and sugar free (but you can opt to add sweets on it).

# 4 Just really trying something new really because I love sweet potatoes so much.

So now this is so staple at home we have it every week. My husband loves it, and I can’t believe it that he does because my base is sweet potato.

I didn’t want you to scroll so much (cause I’m not a fan of that when it comes to recipes), so here it is:


280 grams of boiled sweet potatoes, peeled (I used the purple ones, I love how they taste)

3 tbsps natural peanut butter (I used très bon.‘s peanut butter it’s extremely lightly salted and with a hint of cinnamon. The oil comes from the peanut itself)

2 tbsps unsweetened Almond Milk (from Blue Diamond)

2 tsps vanilla (I used organic vanilla from Simply Organic)

1/4 cup of water (but depending on how moist your potatoes are, you can opt for 1/2 water, just add them little by little)

1/4 cup unsweetened organic cacao powder (I love switching between The Healthy Grocery and Farm to Folk, both locally sourced)

4 tbsps organic coconut flour (I used Real Food PH‘s)

3 pitted medjool dates (you can opt this out if you can’t find it. It makes the brownies sweeter)

1/8 tsp Himalayan salt

1/4 cup chopped walnuts (optional), for topping or filling

2 tbsps grade A organic maple syrup (optional), for sweetening if you don’t have medjool (I used Cadia‘s)


  • Place the boiled sweet potato, peanut butter, almond milk, water and vanilla in a food processor.
  • Process until smooth form or a paste form is created. This may be a bit tricky but you can opt to add water if it comes out drier.
  • Add the remaining ingredients (except the nuts) and process again until mixture comes together.
  • Take a bowl (that would fit the processed ingredients) and remove the mixture form the processor.
  • Mix the nuts in (if you want it as filling). If not, this will help you double check on any lumps on any of the ingredients. I do this to check on the potato and clumps of cacao powder.
  • On a square dish (or a glass container which is what I use), transfer the mixture and flatten and press the mixture out. The thickness depends on how much chunky you’d want it.
  • Best part, sprinkle whatever nuts you want to put, or even dried fruits! Use your palette and imagination. I usually put in a mix of chopped walnuts and pecans – heaps because we love them.
  • Chill for about 2-3 hours prior to serving in an airtight container. I usually wait overnight, I love it a bit solid.
  • Servings depend on your container.

Leave a comment if you’ve tried it, or if you have any ideas for me to do! Let me know what your thoughts are. Enjoy!



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