Matcha Steel Cut Oats

Matcha Steel Cut Oats

Quick and easy, because I don’t like explaining so much when I write.

This fresh bowl of match steel cut oats comes with Fresh Kiwi, Grapes and Chia that gets me started and energized in the beginning of the day. This recipe serves 2 bowls. You can double the amount for the number of people you’ll be making this for!

How To:

Cook the toasted oats:

1 tsp coconut oil (optional; to toast the oats)

1/3 cup steel cut oats (we use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats)

1 cup pressure cooker/ Instant Pot or 2 (slow cooker, stove-top) cups water

After toasting and/or cooking the oats:

Drizzle with maple syrup (MyCadia) or more to taste (I normally don’t put this can be an option)

1/4 cup unsweetened Almond Milk Vanilla (we use Almond Breeze‘s Unsweetened version)

1 teaspoon Matcha powder (The Superfood Grocer‘s pure matcha)

1/3 cup fresh grapes

1/2 sungold kiwi sliced

1 tsp chia seeds or flax seeds

That’s it! Pretty fast right? Takes us about 30 minutes to cook the steel cut oats in the morning using our pressure cooker, so while that’s happening, we either do other chores at home – or best yet, I can get 30 minutes jump rope time!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this!

Love and Light,

Candy xx

Photo owned by me. This isn’t paid promotion from the brands mentioned.

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