Zucchini and Corn Quinoa Salad

Last night, my husband and I did our weekly scheduled grocery. As we were picking out vegetables for our dinner tonight, I turned and spotted the beautiful zucchini corner. Zucchinis are almost always mistaken as cucumber (here in my country), funny but true. Oh, I love these greens – not only are they good sources of magnesium (good for muscle and nerve function), but like Quinoa, they are packed with … Continue reading Zucchini and Corn Quinoa Salad

Quick Wholesome Quinoa Salad

Quinoa has been a main ingredient in all my meals (well, besides greens). If I feel like consuming brown  rice (which is every main meal), I mix this in. Otherwise, It’s my quinoa with my salad, breakfast, dinner, snack – name it, I’ve tried it! Besides quinoa’s unending list of health benefits, I love preparing it because it cooks quick. As time is very important to me, I make … Continue reading Quick Wholesome Quinoa Salad

Gallbladder, gone! Now what?

After having a gallbladder removed, a person’s digestion changes, and that is a fact. I had to go through a lot of adjustments even if I have already started living healthier a year before the operation. Given a few dietary advice by my surgeon, he still recommended that I research more on it. So being the bookworm that I am, I did my homework! I … Continue reading Gallbladder, gone! Now what?

Goodbye, gallbladder! Hello, a newer me.

A typical and funny conversation: Person : Have you always lived a healthy life? Me: Nope! Person: Then what made you decide to lead one? Me: I had my gallbladder removed (via laparoscopic cholecystectomy) because I had gallbladder stones. Person: Oh, did you have a hard time peeing then? Me: Gallbladder stones, not Kidney ones. Person: Oh, right. Wait, what’s the gallbladder for again? And … Continue reading Goodbye, gallbladder! Hello, a newer me.

Gabriel Cosmetics : Dual Powder Foundation

So in my previous post, I shed a few light on the discussion that over the years, I have decided to lean towards cruelty-free products (and I’m still going through with it, one step at a time). As it is in the perspective of finding quality facial products (in this case, makeup), it is always tough, I tell you. Not only do those non cruelty-free cosmetics … Continue reading Gabriel Cosmetics : Dual Powder Foundation

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist

Okay, so I’ve been using this product for more than two weeks now and all I can say is that it’s just been so glorious to have been introduced to this product. (Thanks to my sister!) A little background: I’m not a big makeup girl fan but like any woman, I wear makeup at work and of course during special occasions (formal events, parties, get-togethers). I … Continue reading The Body Shop: Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist

Why walk when you’re sick?

Recently, I caught a bug at work and I’ve been having colds since last week. It’s been on and off for a while now and by yesterday, I finally decided to see the doctor to get some prescription medicines. I’m never a big fan of pharmaceutical drugs but when it gets this bad (meaning I can’t sleep while gradually losing my voice due to too much coughing, headaches … Continue reading Why walk when you’re sick?