About Me

I seriously have a lengthy name. So to keep it short, just call me Candy.

I’m a lover of life and find that even though its gets me down at times, there is always (and definitely) something to be truly happy about.

I grew up in the Philippines and is an advocate of living a fresh and sun-shiny kind of life.

I am a sucker for anything circus, backpacking travels, meditation, cruelty-free products, deep health, the French language, music and arts.

I’m a professional Philippine flying trapeze artist for The Flying Amigos and am a circus athlete.

I’m a deep health and leadership coach helping people to become the best versions of themselves. To journey with someone, having positive transformations in their lives into realizing more of who they truly are while gearing towards sustainability and their deep health – I don’t think there’s anymore rewarding in life than that; a great act of service that is truly inspiring me every single day!

I am proudly certified as a:

I also own a small local business I named très bon. inspired to celebrate my late father’s lifelong dream to share a piece of his life and childhood to fellow Filipinos through the love for food.

I come home to a wonderful husband who just loves keeping up with my active and healthy lifestyle. I am hoping to inspire and be inspired : taking life one sweet bite at a time.

Click through the pages of my life’s stories. Sending you love and light. See you around!