The Secret Recipe in Being Healthy

Photo by Candy Liwanag

Let’s face it – everyone wants to know the secret of what it means to be healthy.

We’re all on that same page – I totally understand you, dear reader. As we grow older, we get more and more concerned on the 101s to expert advice on what the checklist of optimal health looks like.

I’m pretty sure there is, at the very least, one person in your life who’s told you,

to be healthy you should –

  • Do this or that
  • Don’t eat that, eat this instead
  • Take X numbers of hours a week for this exercise
  • This supplement works wonders!
  • Do this because it works for everyone else.

It’s a push and pull from different directions – a tug of war of ideas (even a debate for some!). And may I, that has got you stressing right? You tend to either follow all of them at the same time, follow some and then switch over to the others. Google, apply, Google some more. Subscribe here and there. To and fro, back and forth, side to side, a tango of sorts (not to mention a boogie of time, effort and finances). Ultimately, health feels so elusive you begin to give up and just pick one without being so sure anymore it’s for you.

Relax. Breathe in, breathe out.

Here’s a question to reflect on : Have you ever assessed your health AND everything that’s been going on in your life as you journey to finding the best health recipe? Most of the times we forget, besides the physical and mental aspects of health, there are other parts of our lives that affect how we approach it. Believe it or not, all of the parts of your life web influence all decisions you make, whether conscious or unconscious.

Say, do you feel like eating today after you’ve just broken up from an intimate relationship? Are organic foods readily available in the area where you live? Financially, are you able to commit to health subscriptions? Do you have enough support in your household to journey on with your best health?

So many questions to ask, but you get the idea.

Deep Health : Our Life Web

The real truth – health is not a one-size fits all. Heck, even ready to wear clothes aren’t a one-size fits all. Ever had that experience the clothing you bought is a size medium, only to find out it isn’t a good fit for you and you get it tailored or have it returned to get a size that KIND OF fits you.  And at the same time, you kind of set an unconscious bias on yourself of what should and should not be your size? It’s the same with health. Where we are in our life, what we do, what our priorities, values, goals are, our reasons why; they all define where we are in our health continuum. It’s never an all or nothing – never a this-is-better-than-that.

Health Continuum supports our Life Web

The two ends of the spectrum are all that normally is seen. But if you take a step back, the blocks in between both ends realistically sets our expectations and helps us become more self-compassionate in the process of where we want our health to go in at what point we are in our lives. Maybe right now, you are a single parent caring for three children and at the peak of your career; or maybe in your mid-life having a crisis as you are trying to reassess your life’s purpose. It’s a hard pill to swallow for some, but the continuum mindset approach in our deep health’s life web gives us grace that can help us be more successful with long-term habit changes and life-long skill development.

So what is the recipe in being healthy?

Well, YOU are the best person who can answer that question. Regardless of what other people tell you, you are the captain of your own ship – you are the expert.

And if you feel you’re ready to take it a step a little further, say you want to eat, move, live a little better at where you are today, I’m here. It may sometimes seem to be a confusing place to be in, sometimes too daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Let me help you journey that health cruise, Captain!


Coach Candy

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