Ban-fun-ango Smoothie

Ban-fun-ango Smoothie

Have those fun names stuck by now? Maybe, maybe not. Okay so there isn’t a fruit named Fun, so I decided just put the fun in the middle (get it?).

I promise you, this smoothie is here to brighten your day!

Recipe as follows:

1 cup frozen bananas

1 cup frozen ripe mangoes

1 cup unsweetened soy/ almond milk (or maybe even oat milk if you like!)

1/3 cup yoghurt (you can opt for coconut yoghurt or take that solely out and add a little bit more bananas for the smoothness. For this recipe we used vanilla yoghurt)

1 tsp chia seeds

Any smoothie suggestions of fruits you’d like for me to mix? Do comment below! The rest of the smoothies are available up on the Healthy and Yummy category (well, and recipes you might want to try out too). Quick post right? That’s the way I like it (unless its not a recipe of course!)

Love and light,

Candy xx

Photo by me.

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