Catching Up

For the past few months, I have to admit, I’ve been nothing but busy. I’d say 50% of being busy was good but the other half? Well, not so much. I’ve been having health checkups and more sick leaves taken due to exhaustion and being burned out. Let’s just say the time I need to do things – well, it’s not enough. Number one, work which demands a LOT of my time, and then I have the rest of my priorities left behind like household chores, trapeze and basically my life! I finally said, okay this is it – this has got to stop. I think I’m getting there – although it’s not as fast as I expected, I know somehow I made the right decisions.


So what’s new?

I’ve been sewing, cooking a lot, doing crochet, studying (work-related) and trying to get back so badly into shape for both my health and my love for trapeze.

But hey, I’m back! Expect new stories, new recipes, new everything!

I’m just way too excited now just thinking about it.

Love and light,


Photos from LinkedIn and Quite Continental

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