Stylebox MNL: Reversible Tote Bag

For months now, I’ve been looking for a good and affordable Vegan leather reversible tote – one that I can use (formally) at work and (casually) when I go out. There are a lot of these bags online, to my dismay though, are not available in Manila.

A week ago, a friend of mine offered to sell me a Coach bag  and like any normal woman I know, I said yes. It was a mind struggle until finally I withdrew my order because, heck, let’s face it – these bags are way too expensive.  Plus, honestly, I’m not a fan of designer labels (especially products with animal ingredients) – not only are they non-cruelty free but I find them too tacky.  I don’t like people staring at branded bags too, like they’re trying to pry what’s inside or if it’s real or not. Because really – you don’t need an expensive item to look good, it all depends on how you carry yourself.

So anyway, I was browsing through Instagram and found myself searching tags like #veganleatherph #reversiblebagph #reversibletoteph. A few minutes later, I started skimming through Stylebox MNL and this image caught my eye.

Stylebox MNL : Reversible Tote Bag

Pretty right?! Subtle and simple.

So I told my husband about the tote and he said I should give it a try. He knows I’m a bit skeptical with items being sold online (yes, I was a victim of false adverstising before) and I’m more cautious especially if I have not seen the product first hand. He also said that if it doesn’t work it’s not so expensive as a branded bag and I can give it as a gift to a friend. I slept on it, woke up the next day and purchased the item.

Stylebox MNL has three colors of this reversible tote (faux leather):


They come in one size

  • L x W x H :13″ x 5″ x 12″
  • Handle drop: 11″

They have pockets on both sides as well as double magnet locks (one on the outside and another on the inside).

You can also have a three-letter monogram placed on the bag for free (although I didn’t opt to have one because I like mine as it is)


Initial Thoughts:

I LOVED IT! The moment I opened the package, I knew I didn’t make the wrong choice. A day after I purchased, I got the bag! Talk about fast delivery!


The material is actually thick but soft (which is really good) and they look different when you have them reversed. In terms of the bag edges, the black side is more structured and you can see little of the tan color sticking out (not a concern for me). On the other hand, the tan is a bit rounder on the egdes and where the logo of Stylebox MNL is sewn.

The wide pockets are the best part (apart from the fact that the bag is reversible). I usually have my phone placed on the outside pocket (with that pocket sticking close to my body) and important stuff (like my watch or charger) on the inside pocket for my other reversible bag. And this tote bag from Stylebox MNL just works so well with me!

After use thoughts:

Okay, it’s been two days since I last purchased this bag and (yes I’m still using it now) I don’t think I’ll change bags anytime soon. I’d probably reverse it and that’s about it. One thing I find a bit concerning are the double magnet. I think Stylebox MNL can change that a bit as it doesn’t really lock like I expect it to when I’m walking around. Having the bag stay put in once place though, settles the lock as expected.

Weight wise? It’s safe enough to put in my essentials. I have a foldable umbrella, my glasses, planner, pencil case, electronic device chargers and wallet. It feels strong enough to withstand the weight of how I normally bring my stuff and I feel secured that it won’t break anytime soon.

To conclude:

Reversible Tote Bag

I LOVE IT! In bold capital letters yes! That’s how much I love this item and I’m happy I made the right choice of purchasing it. Not only is it animal-friendly but I have this affordable bag I can use daily which I can switch to match what I wear. Hitting two birds with one stone. The lovely thing, which I always do with my bags, is I put a scarf to liven up my bags and to put some character. This bag just works so well with it too!

I feel good just walking around with this – knowing no animal was hurt (making it) and no one prying if it’s a designer or not. Thank you Stylebox MNL for making this wonderful product and I hope that you will continue making more Vegan (reversible) bags in the future! Let’s all promote local products.

If you do get to purchase this item, write a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are!

Love and light,


  • Product Name: Reversible Tote Bag
  • Price : 800 PHP (shipping fee excluded)

To read more about this product, visit their Facebook or Instagram accounts or view their Product Listings.

All photos were taken by the author and Stylebox MNL. This is not a paid review.

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