Nature’s Gate: Enriching Biotin + Bamboo Shampoo and Conditioner

I decided to switch to this product  right after my first Vegan and Non-GMO ones  (JĀSÖN® Volumizing Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner) because that didn’t work for me as I’d expected.  It made my hair so dry and limp that I decided to switch to a different brand. I also noticed that JĀSÖN® products are too harsh for my skin. Although my skin isn’t as sensitive as my husband’s (mine’s quite normal), they really don’t work for me. So a piece of advise, as with all products, you’d really need to look for the ones that would fit best with your body. Though reviews are helpful, what matters is how they work for you.

So anyway, I just finished these two bottles after a good use of four to six months. If you’re wondering why it took that long, it’s cause my hair isn’t so long (of chin-length), it’s not too thick and it’s cosmetically permed. I wash my hair twice a day (although they do advise not to) because I’m usually active – and I don’t like going to work, all the more, going to bed with dirty hair.

Initial Thoughts:


The bottle is pretty big compared to my first Vegan shampoo and conditioner (16 versus 18, previous versus latter) and it smells like you’re putting medicinal herbs/ tea tree oil on your hair. If you’re expecting a floral smelling product, then this isn’t for you. The price doesn’t differ that much (from JĀSÖN®) and reading all the reviews made me curious about it. As with my husband’s Nature’s Gate Cleansing Gel, which works very well with him, my initial thought was okay, Nature’s Gate might not be as strong as JĀSÖN® and yes! This may finally be the product I’ve been waiting for. I was excited and was so eager to observe the changes for a month or two.

Basic application of Shampoo first, washing it off, thereafter applying conditioner and leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing the product were how I used the products.

After use thoughts:


Okay, I’ll be honest – this left my hair dried and limp too. Sad but true. Although my scalp didn’t itch as it did with JĀSÖN®, it still was not for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m always active (sweating from trapeze, swimming, doing cardio-walks) or it’s the sun out here in Manila (scourging even if you’re under your umbrella or the shade) but dandruff started building up. At first I thought, maybe it’s just an adjustment period but four months later, I still had dry scalp. My hair looks like it dried up from all the Biotin and it barely grew. If you tend to sweat a lot (active living), you might not like this either as your hair would smell funny a few hours after sweating. If that doesn’t bother you then well and good.

It’s not so bad though ’cause this worked with my husband. Though it did leave some dry parts on his hair (he’s helping me review products too, what a darling!), it’s not as bad as his previous one (Human Nature’s Strengthening Shampoo).

To conclude:


So, the search is still on, finding the right product for me. I recently bought my third Vegan and Non-GMO shampoo and conditioner and I can’t wait to finish the bottle and start writing about it soon (a few months from now maybe). The product? Well I’m not going to reveal it yet.

If you’re planning to start to use this product, I would suggest ask your friends first if they have some and try it out for a week. I’m not sure if they have smaller bottles available, so it’s best to ask around. My husband and I had to finish these products just ’cause we didn’t want to waste it.

And again, not all products that has been reviewed, will always work for you. It’s always better to see it for yourself as what may work for others might not work on you and vice versa – trial and error. And a bonus comes with that too – you get to know how your body works.

If you do get to try this, write a comment below, let me know what your thoughts are!

Love and light,


To read more about this product, visit Nature’s Gate or their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

All photos were taken by the author and Canvas Art. This is not a paid review.

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