Gabriel Cosmetics : Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

Transitioning from M.A.C. to cruelty-free products was a big step for me but I was eager and desperate to find the right mix that will provide me the coverage I needed – a big risk for someone who’s been loyal to a product for years. I was so excited when I read about this product so I quickly searched for it (calling Healthy Options stores) and luckily got a hold of one a few days after. This was my first GC product. I was excited! First step into truly throwing out cruelty products!

Initial Thoughts:

I was actually expecting a lot from this product – that it should be the only foundation that I need to be applying on my face, however, that wasn’t the case. The liquid wasn’t sticking that much on my face and it ended up acting as my tinted moisturizer. I knew then that I had to find a powder that will set the shade down on my face. Lo and behold, it works so perfect with their Dual Powder Foundation.


The packaging is as with any typical foundation. Personally, I’m not a fan of the tubes with pumps, so for me this product is just perfect. I find that pumps are only useful in the beginning, but as the liquid starts to run out it becomes annoying to finish it off.

The color is a bit lighter too. I wish they made something in between True Beige (the shade I’m using) and Tawny but then again I think I need to mix foundation colors now just to get the right Malayan shade.

I love that it never itched! That was one of my main concerns too. Even if I perspired, I didn’t felt any stinging feeling on my face, and that is just amazing!

How I apply it:

I’d always wash my face with my cleanser and pat it lightly to dry with a towel. When my face has air-dried, I spray the Hydrating Vitamin E Mist at least four to fives times on my face. After which I apply the liquid foundation using my fingers. Once the liquid has set, I use a foundation brush to apply the powder on my face. To complete my facial coating, I add in the highlights and the blush, topping it all our with the mist once more.


After use thoughts:

Although this product is, admittedly, amazing it’s not something that I’d like to keep forever. Since time is important to me, it’s another step through my routine. I like keeping makeup application less time-consuming. More so, though it is gluten-free and cruelty-free, an additional layer on my face is my least priority as I want my face to have not so much products on it. If GC can come up with a foundation that mixes both the liquid and the powder one, it would really be amazing!

Love and light,


To read more about this product, visit Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. or their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

All photos were taken by the author. This is not a paid review.

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