Gabriel Cosmetics : Dual Powder Foundation

So in my previous post, I shed a few light on the discussion that over the years, I have decided to lean towards cruelty-free products (and I’m still going through with it, one step at a time). As it is in the perspective of finding quality facial products (in this case, makeup), it is always tough, I tell you. Not only do those non cruelty-free cosmetics stay still on your face (longer), but, the availability is just everywhere.

From where I’m living (the Philippines), it’s unusual to find vegan facial products and only a numbered few are obtainable in stores. The rest, sad to say, are just purchased online. Personally, I don’t like buying makeup online. Attractive photos are marketing strategies and sometimes you end up thinking that color swatch looks good on you – only to find out you look hideous with it. On the other hand, gambling on whether or not a product would work for you is as I believe, perfectly normal. At the end of the day, regardless of a million reviews, the bottom line is if that product agrees with you and your skin.

I did a lot of research prior to starting with GC’s (Gabriel Cosmetics) powder foundation. I read a lot of reviews, watched demos and at the same time googled where I could get my hands on one. I even had to reserve the shade I’m using primarily ’cause Medium Beige is a common Malayan skin swatch from only one Healthy Options store.

Initial Thoughts:

For three straight years, I have been a M.A.C. Mineralize Foundation Loose Powder. I used to think that M.A.C. was the only one who can provide that kind of coverage so switching to GC was really a gamble. None of my makeup artist friends and my friends in general have used or even heard of Gabriel Cosmetics – it felt like I was just diving into an abyss of facial unknowns. But being the animal lover, no to cruelty girl that I am, I told myself, “Well, the only way for me to find out is to see it for myself.”


The packaging is like any other compact foundation. It’s not too big nor too small – compact enough to slip inside your purse. Inside there are two layers, (left below) one for the powder itself (and its refillable, beautiful!) and the other (right below) is where the sponge is placed.


Honestly, I’m not a fan of the sponge as I use my foundation brush to apply the powder. On the brighter side though, I can probably use the second part as a refill holder while waiting for the current one to run out. Another thing is that the open and close lock of the compact powder annoyed me at first because I couldn’t get it to open. However, for some it may just take some time to get used to it so that’s really not be a deal breaker.

Again as Medium Beige was the closest to my skin color, that was what I picked out from the store.


It appeared lighter than what I had expected.

How I apply it:

So I’d wash my face with my cleanser and pat it lightly to dry with a towel. I, then spray the Hydrating Vitamin E Mist at least four to fives times on my face. After it (my face) has air-dried, I apply the liquid foundation using  my fingers. Once the liquid has set, I use a foundation brush to apply the Dual Powder on my face. To complete my facial coating, I add in the highlights and the blush, topping it all our with the mist once more.

After use thoughts:

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Not only is it gluten and cruelty-free but I must say, the coverage is absolutely marvelous! It’s just what I need!

I have been using this for over five months now and can I just say, I have found the product that definitely matches the M.A.C. loose powder foundation for my face. My skin looks velvety – not too matte nor too shiny and it lasts the entire work day without any retouches (along with the use of the facial mist, they go hand in hand). It doesn’t look like I’m wearing any mineralized masks and my face looks healthy and glowing. What’s more is that I know my face is in good hands as it does not have silicone like most foundations do. I have a bit of a sensitive face (normal to oily skin) but I didn’t break out using this product and have never experienced any redness or irritation for that matter.

Of course, I wish there’s an available shade in between the Medium and Tan Beige to cater to more Malayan women. But then again since this was the closest to my skin color, I settled for this one.I love it and I’m never going back. I hope GC continues this line because I will be forever faithful to it. Definitely a five out of five stars!

Love and light,


To read more about this product, visit Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. or their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

All photos were taken by the author. This is not a paid review.

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