Why walk when you’re sick?

Recently, I caught a bug at work and I’ve been having colds since last week. It’s been on and off for a while now and by yesterday, I finally decided to see the doctor to get some prescription medicines. I’m never a big fan of pharmaceutical drugs but when it gets this bad (meaning I can’t sleep while gradually losing my voice due to too much coughing, headaches and headiness plus missing work days), I know it’s time to see le doctuer.

Normally, when I get sick, I just like sleeping (don’t we all?) and finding comfort under the sheets of our double-sized fleece blanket, snoozing in with our lazy Boston Terrier, Boogie. I always have a 900-milliliter jug of water that gets filled up (and emptied out religiously) at least four times a day. And the staple sick meal? Noodles and dumplings. My husband never misses in picking up a bowl of hot noodles for me. And we’d share the few pieces of dumplings be it for brunch or dinner. The cosiest feeling inside my tummy : warmth.

But it has been two days at home of repeating the same thing and I have to admit – I’ve been crippled by this bug for long enough. So being the active girl that I have always been, I finally tell my husband, “okay Honey, it’s time for me to go outside and get some fresh air. ” We both decided to eat at this ramen restaurant (yes, it’s noodles again) right across where we’re staying and thereafter, walk around the neighborhood.

I guess you’re wondering – why I still decided to walk even if I’m sick? Here are some few reasons why:

WALKING eases the mind.

There is a world out there – outside the four corners of your room and it’s just waiting to be discovered. Be it a small park, your neighbor nextdoor or even a local restaurant. There is always something refreshing to see once you step outside (even if it’s an empty lot). All it takes is perspective.

WALKING pumps the heart.

As it is a form of exercise, the blood in your body circulates better when you get moving. And a healthy blood flow goes a long way – it stabilizes our body temperature, and transports nutrients (and waste) back and forth our cells. It helps distribute oxygen and improves our circulatory system bringing more energy to our bodies.

WALKING promotes sleep.

Have you been struggling to sleep? Walking can help you sleep deeper and faster. Just make sure that if you do decide to walk, it’s not close to bedtime as that may energize you more than send you to dreamland.

WALKING boosts happiness.

Lying in bed all day gets me really feeling worse than what my body is actually experiencing when I’m sick. Simple solution: A light and unhurried walk effectively releases endorphins that make me feel happier. Studies show that a few minutes of brisk walking reduces stress and anxiety. Not only does it make your body feel alive but it comforts your mind as well.

So before the night ended, I was able to grab a fresh cup of lemonade while my husband ordered an Espresso latté. We both shared a slice of the yummiest pistachio cheesecake we’ver ever tasted too. Oh, what a night.

And so a happy Candy ends her day well with fresh air, satisfied tummy and a pumping good heart. Walking out was definitely a good choice.

Love and light,


Photos was taken by the author’s husband, Rudolf Padlan.

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