Hello World!

And I truly mean, Hello World! Hello to everyone in the Internet (world)!

It took me a while to pick out a name to get this blog going and it wasn’t an easy task, I tell you! It used to be so easy as one-two-three to pick a name out. I feel like I’m getting older as the day passes.

So anyway, why start a blog? Well, I figured, why do I have to keep things short with my posts over social media accounts – when I can actually write about it? I get to speak my mind out and at the same time not limit myself to a few characters sharing my thoughts.

Expect a lot of posts about my travels (old and upcoming ones), (healthy and cheat-day) type of food I love to eat and cook (so maybe a few recipes as well) and basically the active life I’ve been living for the past six years.

And with that, I just have to say that I am extremely excited and looking forward to my next post! (And a lot of rework on this blog as well, have to make it look shiny and new)

Tune in.

Love and light (with xx’s and oo’s)





Photo was taken by the author’s husband, Rudolf Padlan : Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia. August 2015.

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